Dates of enrolment for the November/April 2023/2024  intake for NEW students:
Venue of enrolment Kecskemét Campus Centre for Student Services
Kecskemét, Felsőkomárnok u. 2, 6000 
Opening hours for November enrolment in person:   Until 30. November: 9:00-12:00 on weekdays.
Opening hours for April enrolment in person:  Until 30. April: 9:00-12:00 on weekdays.


Here is the indicative academic calendar for 2023/2024
November Intake
April Intake
Application Opening up to year of 2023/2024 
01. June until 01 October01. December until 01 March
Online Classes must be completed before visa application and result must be attached with Visa application.
Open for Whole Year(automated system with pre recorded courses and automatic quizzes)System generates a grade of your completion and gives you a certificate.
Regular classes
01. November until 30. April 01. April until 30. September
Examination Boards
15. May15. October
Graduation Ceremony
30. May30. October