The dry builder creates the most imaginative indoor building structures: he creates rooms and halls with partition walls, elegantly covers the raw concrete and brick surface with wall coverings, and also provides space for mechanical engineering and electrical wiring.


7 months

intake months

November, April

After completion

  Checks the working conditions , Performs on-site measurements, Interprets the content of the technical documentation and uses the basic architectural concepts, Provides and checks the necessary materials and tools, Prepares the materials and tools for the installed partitions, suspended ceilings and attic installation works, Builds fitted walls, fanciful false ceilings, cozy attics, Operates the machines,equipment and measuring devices required for work, Cooperates with representatives and specialists of certain areas of the construction trades. It brings the atmosphere of the interior to life from a wide selection of perforated or curved, coffered or smooth false ceilings. He also installs solid floors and fire protection coverings as required. The dry builder also creates the cozy world of the attic, from the subfloor to the false ceiling. It also takes care of the aesthetics of the finished surfaces: it smooths the surface with a trowel. In the design of the interior spaces, he closely cooperates with other professions, even mechanical and electrical specialists. The market demand for excellent professionals is increasing. Today, a new building or a renovation is unthinkable without the involvement of a dry construction specialist. Look around wherever you go! You live under false ceilings, between installed walls, in friendly attics. Choose this profession if you would like to do it all professionally, independently, creatively and willingly, because it is not only work, it is also a creative activity.    

vacant positions

Drywall Builder Drywall internal insulator Drywall Builder, Drywall Internal Insulator, False and Decor Ceiling Fitter, Light structure house builder. - Duct tin - Ornamental tinsmith - Facade tinsmith - Maintenance tinner - Sheet metal worker - Ventilation tin - Roofing tinsmith, roofing tinsmith

Possible Earnings

Possible earning categories in Europe is starting from 1600 € and can go up to 3200 €,