The task of a painter, coater and wallpaperer is to paint, coat, decorate and protect various basic surfaces against the effects of the environment. In order to choose the right coating system, it is essential to carry out a professional surface diagnosis, followed by pre-treatment and preparation of the surface. 


6 months

intake months

November, April

After completion

- paints the wall surface, wallpaper - coats wall, wooden and metal surfaces - makes various decorative works - carries out renovation works both indoors and outdoors. It carries out its activities independently, using manual and machine painting technologies, in accordance with occupational safety, environmental protection and safety regulations. With its activity, through the application of the painting process, it participates in the technological processes of the construction industry. It is recommended for all young people who have a creative mind, have good manual dexterity and like to work in a varied work environment.

vacant positions

Painter, Glazer, Wallpaperer, Decorator, Plasterer.

Possible Earnings

Possible earning categories in Europe is starting from 1800 € and can go up to 4000 €