Social Care Assistant


Social Care Assistant and caregivers monitor the health status of those being cared for, prepare plans based on individual needs, and provide professional care. In addition, they organize development and maintenance sessions and provide not only physical but also spiritual support.


6 Months

intake months

November, April

After completion

It is recommended for all young people who are happy to contribute to the care, education, development and assistance of those in need of support and the related administrative tasks. Training in the social sector, which ends with the acquisition of a professional qualification. Social nurses and carers perform their activities in social institutions providing boarding or day care, or in the home environment of the person requiring care, in the role of carer. It cares for and cares for people in need of help due to their age, health, mental or physical condition (elderly, disabled, psychiatric patients, addicts, homeless).

vacant positions

<>Nursing Home Assistant <> Day Care Assistant <> Assistant Nurse

Possible Earnings

1000-3000 Euros