The welder welds and cuts metal parts using gas flame, electric arc, and other heat sources for cutting and melting metal. During the training, you can learn 2 main and other welding procedures: CO, AWI, arc and flame welding.


6 months

intake months

November, April

After completion

– interpretation of technical drawings, related instructions and regulations – inspection of the work area – preparation of workpieces - commissioning of machines required for work - making the necessary cuts and cuts - welding with CO, AWI, arc and flame welding - observance and enforcement of occupational safety and environmental protection regulations

vacant positions

- Autogen welder - Autogen cutter - Electric arc welder - Electric arc cutter - Dust welder - Hard solder, soft solder - Flame welder - NC controlled flame cutting machine operator - Operator of an optically controlled flame cutting machine - Plasma welder, plasma cutter - Spot welder - Shielded gas welder

Possible Earnings

Possible earning categories in Europe is starting from 1600 €/month and can go up to 3200 €/month