The tinsmith specialist prepares cutting samples, then installs the completed tinplate sheets and building tinplate structures, repairs and maintains them if necessary.


6 months

intake months

November, April

After completion

 production and installation of channel elements, angles, end plates, inlet joints, movable joints - production and installation of water collection boilers, drain elements, pipe clamps, curved elements, outlet elbows - production and installation of eaves, walls, gables and chimney edges - assessment, production and installation of facade-lined tin structures - pre-production and assembly of elements of corroded plate coverings and additional structures - pre-production and installation of slatted coverings and additional elements - determination, production and installation of the mirror size of the panel covering

vacant positions

Building tinsmith - Duct tin - Ornamental tinsmith - Facade tinsmith - Maintenance tinner - Sheet metal worker - Ventilation tin - Roofing tinsmith, roofing tinsmith

Possible Earnings

Possible earning categories in Europe is starting from 1800 € and can go up to 3000 €