Refund Policy

 You are entitled for a refund only if your visa is refused and you email the refusal document to EU-College Group and filled the refund request form.

  • If your visa is granted, No refund will be issued in any condition.
  • All students who are refused Visa application towards our Institute, will be refunded all paid amount of fees except 200 € administration & enrollment fees.

                                                                  How to apply for refund?

Please send us an email to attach your visa refusal document to your refund application, as we cannot process your request without that.
How to apply for  Refund:

  • Please attach your full Hungarian visa refusal document.
  • Fill in all the required bank and personal data.
  • The next step is to submit your application.
  • We will start working with the application and inform you about the next steps as soon as possible.
  • All refunds will be completed within 15 calendar days from the date of receiving the duly filled and signed refund request FORM from the student.