Roofing Carpenter


The carpenter prepares, transforms, dismantles and maintains woodwork found in the construction industry. Furthermore, it makes formwork for monolithic and reinforced concrete structures, and installs scaffolding for formwork systems.


6 Months

intake months

November, April

After completation

  • interpretation of technical drawings, related instructions and regulations
  • inspection of the work area
  • preparation of workpieces
  • commissioning of machines required for work
  • making the necessary cuts and cuts
  • welding with CO, AWI, arc and flame welding
  • observance and enforcement of occupational safety and environmental protection regulations
  • vacant positions

  • Autogen welder
  • Autogen cutter
  • Electric arc welder
  • Electric arc cutterr
  • Dust welder
  • Hard solder, soft solder
  • Flame welder
  • NC controlled flame cutting machine operator
  • Operator of an optically controlled flame cutting machine
  • Plasma welder, plasma cutter
  • Spot welder
  • Shielded gas welder